Game Recap - June 5th

Burl's Greyhawk 1st edition D&D game
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Game Recap - June 5th

Postby jtouchette » Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:55 am

Grey hawk
After much debate on what to do, being short of wizards for the mystic path, short of rogues for the path of the underhanded and thoroughly clueless on the path of the wise. We pushed forward in a brute force/dungeon guile method on the path of the underhanded. Thus successfully tripping, disabling, bypassing or enduring all the traps. Emboldened with this approach the path of the mystic was next with the party offering firepower support to our wizards. In the process Ronda perished, completely destroyed by a sphere of annihilation. Then back to the path of the wise we discovered that if we identified the foe each statue represented and utilized an attack that the exploited a vulnerability the statue. It would fade away, theoretically to whatever awaits in the afterlife. This path continued on with no foes, just puzzled to solve in order to safely proceed.

Oh yes there was an ill-fated attempt in there as well to re-enter the path of the strong to “free” the dragon armor). It was successful with unenthusiastic party support, but, at a cost. A (deserving) party member died and had to be brought back.

Then with the key components the door to the final chamber was opened. After defeating the challenge foes in a brief battler the offerings were made based on clues in the room and the imprisoned GOD was released. At it’s request we retrieve an item for him and all of us present granted a wish. The following was the result: Ronda returned, An ebony fly was obtained, A wand of anything was obtained, a rod of absorption was obtained, A stat was increased, ultra vision 90” was granted and a weapon specialization was learned. After which the being advised us to leave because he intended to destroy this accused place. With the place beginning to crumble we left with all due haste. Next:?

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