Game Recap - June 20th

Burl's 4th edition D&D game
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Game Recap - June 20th

Postby tesseract451 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:12 am

4th Edition (6/20/2014)

The trip to the Drow city continues. To get across the lake giant mushroom caps were harvested and used as boats. The musky bats were pulled by Arcane who was on a floating disk. A large chasm was crossed using the only available rout, a 1 foot wide bridge. A windowless stone building illuminated by ever burning torches could be seen on the far side. The guard house was long abandoned and took a while for the group to gain entry. Inside were four bodies of men who apparently locked themselves in and killed each other. A note was found indicating that there was a possible ally against the Drow nearby. Just past the stone building the path split 5 hours travel to the right to the Drow adversary, 10 hours on the path to the left to the Drow city. The group decided to visit the closer adversary to see if any information on what is happening in the Drow city could be obtained. This adversary presented as a man who claimed to be centuries old. He was willing to trade information but did not allow anyone to approach to closely. He appeared to be disguised by some sort of illusion. Information and pleasantries were exchanged. Traveling back the group rested at the stone building before continuing on to the Drow city. Just before arriving to the city the group was attached by the group of minotaurs and mind flayers previously encountered. They are now no more. Next, on to the city.

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