Game Recap - June 6th

Burl's 4th edition D&D game
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Game Recap - June 6th

Postby tesseract451 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:11 am

4th Edition (6/6/2014)

Pushing forward, moving deeper into the ruins. The party battled some fiery foes and beholders. After a prolong battle some treasure that was adrift in the lava was bravely rescued and shared among the group. Continuing on some additional treasure was left behind after encountering a group of mind flayers and Minotaur. After a tense, quiet, one sided conversation rather than joining forces or fighting we simply went our own way. It seems that they had also heard that the Drow city was falling and wanted to go and take advantage, er, help out as well. Later a section of the passage was eventually a sacred place as a series of statues, each in it’s own alcove, line the road for a bit. Some of these at 50-60 feet quit tall. Two more battles were won this day. The first was as the group entered an area with stalactites stalagmites. On guard for the expected roper that tended to prefer locals of this type, one was indeed found about 50’ in. The surprise was 6 black spawn gloom webs that closed in from behind. The second battle happened when a stronghold by a lake occupied by schuagen(?) reacted by attacking the group, two of there clawed allies emerged from the lake. The fights were not with out gain as each party member received 25 partum each from the two raids. Morgain and Lunna also each won the draw for a magic item. The group then settled in for a long rest in their new digs. If only it didn’t smell like dead fish.

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