Game Recap - Nov 15th

Burl's 3.5 D&D game... For the glory of Solanus Arden! (also featuring Falco)
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Game Recap - Nov 15th

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Lost City notes from 2014-11-15
Falco listens at the top of the spiral stairs but doesn't hear anything.

Bob, behind the circular saw, cuts off the magic user's head and searches the body, finding 2 wands, 4 scrolls but no coin, which makes Bob sad.

Nessirëa moves down the stairs, finds a room 15'x20', and Morrigane follows. They see a blackened bed frame, remains of a table, a barrel, 3 curtained areas.
Patrin searches the magic user next to the wagon, finds a pouch full of DUST OF CHOKING AND SNEEZING, 4 scrolls and a wand. Nella, Salacious, Falco, Betty all move downstairs, Falco with a lightstone. Nessirëa searches the desk, finds nothing. Passion opens one of the curtains, finds another room, with another curtain at the end. This is a halfling kitchen, with crockery, knickknacks, a kitchen table, 3 small chairs, and a lantern hanging over the table. Passion, searching the room and the crockery, flies under the table and sees a carving on the underneath of the table, starts yelling about it. Nella asks Passion what is wrong, and Passion tells Nella to turn the table over so everyone can see it. When Nella flips the table over, Bob, Falco and Nella see the graphic and are disgusted.

Falco opens one of the other curtains, finds a 10'x20' room with a great feeling of sadness. It is furnished with a crib now broken into kindling, abandoned toys, 2 halfling childrens beds. Falco picks up a glass bead and a worn velvet doll.

Salacious opens the third curtain, sees a large room, see bodies stacked like cordwood 5'-6' high, smells fresh bodies and earths, and a tunnel towards the back. Betty moves next to Salacious, casts HEAL and examines one of the bodies in the stacks, finds out they are still alive but paralysed, gasping, twitching, eyes rolling. Betty and Salacious start to unstack the people and lay them on the floor. Meanwhile, Nessirëa investigates the rough cloakroom area next to the tunnel. It has jester garments hanging on wooden pegs, and in the pockets of the garments, small canisters of red and white greasepaint. She sees that the tunnel goes all the way out to the forest.

Falco searches the alcove behind the curtain in the kitchen, finds a secret door with stairs going up, and is attacked by a broom, but Bob breaks the broom and saves Falco. Bob then goes up the stairs, and as soon as he sticks his head up through the trapdoor at the top of the stairs, is attacked by 4 smelly creatures - ghouls. Meleé ensues.

The 4 ghouls are killed and Bob is delighted to find he has entered a room that is 20'x30' with tables and chairs, barrels, bottles and kegs – a bar – his kind of place. Passion, hearing combat, flies up the stairs and seeing something like 30 unbroken bottles of liquor, places 4 bottles into her bag. She uses BARDIC KNOWLEDGE to read the labels and reads that there are 3 vintage bottles worth 300gp each, as well as a bottle marked as rotgut she tells Bob is delicious, so he takes that one, and altogether 6-8 bottles are stuffed carefully into his pack.

Bob sees another trapdoor, directly over his head, so he breaks that one, sticks his head through the door and becomes very still. Falco sees Bob stop moving, realises there is something wrong here, casts HEAL check on Bob, picks him up and carries him back into the bar. Morrigane has been invisible all this time, and flies into the trapdoor room, sees a room 30'x30', 3 beds, a table with an open book, a footlocker at the end of each bed, a desk with 3 drawers, all halfling size. There is also a magic user there, so Falco moves up the ladder into the room and attacks the magic user. Meleé ensues but doesn't last very long, as Falco promptly kills the magic user.

Searching the trapdoor room, Falco finds a hand mirror, combs, a diary, spell components, a wand of HOLD PERSON (20 chgs), 4 scrolls, a magic robe of +10 BLENDING, a magic crystal ball, a key ring. Searching the footlockers, Falco finds 3 oddly shaped wooden clubs for juggling and some clothes. Searching the 3 drawers, Falco finds a ledger with local landmarks drawn in it, fine traveling clothes, 5 gaudy pieces of jewellry at 100gp each, a plumed hat, and a very magical swept hilt sabre. There are no other exits.

All the scrolls are arcane scrolls of NIGHTMARE.

In the erstwhile pantry room, Salacious and Betty have unstacked all the bodies. Betty finds out that the paralysis will wear off in about 3 hours, so they start moving people up to the sawmill floor, laying them out there to recover. Nella performs HEAL checks on all 41 people taken out of the crypt room. Mathrin, Lothair's son, is one of the people discovered paralysed. When questioned, people thought they had been captured to be slaves. One man with a whalebone earring is a traveling bard, Lord Esteban Sancho, to whom the sabre, plumed hat, gaudy jewelry and fine traveling clothes belong to, so they are returned to him. The ledger describes each victim and the region they were taken from, and that they were to be staged here before being transported.

The group decides to stay the night in the erstwhile pantry, and move the wagons (Patrin having mended the one Bob broke) to the forest exit at the end of the tunnel. Asking questions of the bard, the group learns that Skullshanks Tower is to the northwest, and there was someone of that name more than a hundred years ago, and that the BoneGarden is dangerous and the inhabitants have no sense of humour. Because all the people abducted by ghouls have lost everything, Betty gives all 41 people 10gp each, to help them when they get to town. The decision is made to escort these 41 people back to Leafton, 60 miles away. One of the people, Lunara, a monk, insists she is now going to travel with the group.

Next day, on the march, children, aged and infirm in Galen's cart and Patrin's wagon, beautiful music is heard, and Dobbin, Betty and Jack are enspelled. Meleé ensues. Galen casts BLOODWIND and smears the harpy, with not a feather left. Searching the harpy and the nest, the group finds a suit of studded leather magic armour for someone medium size with wings, 1 regular magic arrow, 10 magic? silver arrows, 10 cold iron arrows, 2 potions 1-CURE Moderate WOUNDS 1-?, a cloak +2 RESISTANCE, a ring +1 PROTECTION, a wand of KNOCK (50 chgs) with a door engraved on it, LESSER BRACERS OF ARCHERY, and a +1 FROST composite longbow.

Back in marching order, Lord Esteban sees 2 wyverns fling to attack, warns the group and starts singing for +2 attack/damage/morale. Meleé ensues. Galen casts BLOODWIND, smears one of the wyverns, and Jack kills the second one. The rest of the day, and that night are uneventful.
Back in marching order, beautiful music is heard and Betty, Nessirëa, Passion and Salacious are enspelled by 2 harpies. Meleé ensues. Esteban sings COUNTERSONG, breaks the spell on Betty, who kills one harpy, Galen kills the other. Searching the nests, a pouch with 7 bloodstones, each of 50gp value, is found.

Marching order, and wyverns appear. Meleé ensues. Bob shoots and kills one of the wyverns, Jack kills the other. When the bodies are searched, 8 silver pearls, each of 100gp value, are found.

Marching order, a shambling mound attacks Falco and dies very quickly. Searching the mound and surrounding area, 8 platinum pieces, a moonstone, value 50gp, and a scroll of CHARM ANIMAL/ENTANGLE are found. Patrin takes the scroll, as they are both ranger spells.

Marching order, 2 webs are thrown at Falco and miss. Melee ensues. Falco attacks and trips the ettercap, and when it tries to stand up, Lunara gets an AO and kills it. A web hits Salacious and Dobbin, and another hits Nessirëa, but Nessirëa manages to escape the web. Morrigane kills another of the ettercaps. Dobbin and Salacious break the web, but it is Passion who divebombs the last ettercap, and kills it, then does a pixie victory dance. Searching the bodies, the group finds 1200gp; a brass mug with jade inlays valued at 350gp; a gold and ruby ring valued at 7,000gp; a gold dragon comb with a red garnet valued at 1050gp; a silver chalice inlaid with lapis lazuli gems valued at 105gp; a wand with engravings of a bee, a dog, an eagle, a squid, a shark, and a spider; a darkwood light shield valued at 205gp. Jack bought the mug with jade inlays from the group fund.

Marching order, Falco and Nella see some elves hiding, and wave hallo. The elves say thank you for clearing out the sawmill. Making camp and setting watches, Falco finds a plaque on a tree saying “Traveling Shadowplay in Hawkmoon.”

3rd watch, a giant centipede approaches. Nessirëa yells and wakes most everyone. Passion fails crit and hits Falco. Esteban starts singing, +2 attack/damage/morale. Lunara gets bitten unconscious by the centipede. Jack kills the centipede. Salacious sleeps through the whole thing. Galen casts HEAL on Lunara.

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