Game Recap - Oct 25th

Burl's 3.5 D&D game... For the glory of Solanus Arden! (also featuring Falco)
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Game Recap - Oct 25th

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Fiona's Notes from last sessions:

Continuing through the woods, Salacious calls a mount – Dobbin – and rides. Betty calls her mount – Clarence – and rides. Group comes to a clearing, where the rangers see tracks of wolves, squirrels, and clawed humanoid feet. The group makes camp for the night and sets watch. Nella notices a buried, worked stone that looks familiar, but chooses not to wake everyone up, relates this to Passion, who uses BARDIC KNOWLEDGE, and determines this is an old graveyard. Nella wakes everyone and suggests the group move to another site. The group moves and sets watch again.
Falco sees a giant snake and shouts, waking everyone again. Falco attacks and kills the snake, then throws it at Passion's rabbit fur nest in the tree. Passion pulls her dagger, Dave, and stabs the dead snake (not knowing it's dead), and misses, then stabs it again, this time skewering it with her blade. Passion is now convinced she is being attacked by giant snakes on all sides, raining from the skies.
Night ends without furthur incident. Nella casts +1 on Salacious' sword. The group hears what sounds like an army marching to wards them. Betty goes out ahead 15', scouting, on her horse, while Passion goes invisible and flies towards the sounds. She comes streaking back, relating that 2 trolls, 2 Wargs, 200 hobgoblins and another 2 Wargs bringing up the rear are marching through the woods straight towards the group. The decision is made that there are too many creatures for the group to attack with any chance of surviving, so the group successfully hides in the forest and waits for the army to pass (Nella airwalks and hides in the trees, Passion and Morgaine go invisible). There is much speculation on the source, and the destination, of the army.
At the edge of the forest, 3 warriors step out and demand a road tax. At first, they seem anonymous, but then Falco sees a “Leafton” on their scale mail. Passion loses interest in negotiating with the warriors very quickly, and gives them shinies to let the group pass without trouble. Falco takes the time to ask about the hobgoblin army, with speculation about the destination and source of the army, but the warriors know nothing about it.
As the group arrives in the village of Leafton, they pass some farms that have not been looted – it is obvious the hobgoblin army did not pass through Leafton. Nella buys a warhorse. Falco goes to the Plough & Circumstance – the tavern. A farmer asks is he is Chabu-Ten, says his name is Lothair. Lothiar says 6 nights ago, his son was replacing the destroyed scarecrow in the fields that had been laid waste by wolves. Lothair heard a scream, and his son disappeared. There were marks around the destroyed scarecrow but none of the trackers recognised the tracks. Salacious asks about the temples in the area, there are two – Obedhai, and Forlengan, both true neutral.
Passion uses BARDIC KNOWLEDGE to identify the tracks are humanoid, made by ghouls, and are heading towards the forest. The group spends the night in Lothair's barn. Patrin sees the tracks through the forest. The group moves out through the northeast arm of the forest, which is unnaturally quiet – no birds flying or singing, or small animals scurrying. There are unforgiving rock formations covered in mosses. This is the Gaunt Wood. Passion uses BARDIC KNOWLEDGE, smells putrifying flesh, and that rain is approaching. Single file through the forest, riders leading their horses, it starts to rain, cutting visibility by 50%. Suddenly the group hears beautiful music, throw for WILL save. Passion, Dobbin and Galen are affected, start to move away from the group at a diagonal to follow the singing. Falcon and Salacious decide to follow the enspelled persons, and Salacious dismisses Dobbin. Nella casts DISPEL CHARM and Galen is freed of the spell effect. Passion is harmonising with the spellsong. Betty and her horse start following Galen. Thoon telepathically states that there seems to be a spell and asks what is going on, moves out after Galen. Patrin decides to follow Galen also. Passion flies out in front of Galen, and the magical singing continues.
Falco moves way out front, sees a naked and beautiful woman with feathered wings, sitting in a tree. Morgaine flies up next to Falco, sees the woman, attacks and hits her. All group members move up closer to the tree, the singing, and the naked woman. Galen teleports right behind the woman and kills her, discovers she is a harpy. The nest is searched, and a yellow topaz (vale 600gp) and a scroll of SCULPT SOUND/HOLD PERSON is found. Falco buys the gem, and gives the full 600gp value to the party fund.
Trekking through the forest, LISTEN check, Morgaine hears something above the group, tells Nella, Salacious, Thoon, Falco and Patrin, then turns invisible. Salacious fails SPOT check, the others don't, and see 7 creatures in the trees. Passion succeeds in her SEARCH check, shouts “don't move! It's a trap!” There are 7 ogres on hunting stands 15' up in the trees. Melée ensues.
Falco runs towards the nearest tree and climbs it, attacks the ogre and misses.
Morgaine shoots and hits.
Bob shoots and hits.
Patrin shoots and hits.
Passion throws DANCING LIGHTS on the trap net in the trees (so now everybody can see it) and starts singing.
Galen attacks and kills an ogre.
Thoon succeeds in CHARM and tells an ogre to put its weapons down, which it does.
Betty moves towards a tree as Clarence (Betty's horse) casts BLESS, attacks and hots.
Nella casts RECITATION +2 hit/AC/SAVE on group.
Ogra attacks Falco with its great club and misses.
Ogre shoots at Nella and misses.
Ogre shoots at Betty and misses.
Ogre shoots into the woods and misses everything and everyone.
Etila slings at ogre and hits.
Salacious shoots and hits.
Falco hits and kills ogre.
Morgaine shooots and hits.
Bob shoots and kills ogre.
Patrin shots and hits.
Passion stabs ogre with Dave and kills it.
Galen moves down the trail and sets off the trap, but the net rips and cannot hold him. He then casts BLOODWIND, hits and kills an ogre.
Thoon sets charmed ogre against another ogre and kills it.
Betty shoots and kills ogre.
Salacious shoots charmed ogre and hits.
Falco climbs down from the tree while Morgaine moves back to the group. Bob and Passion search the dead ogres.
Patrin shoots the last ogre and hits.
Thoon is upset with Salacious for attacking the charmed ogre and suggests charmed ogre now attack Salacious.
5 arrows fly out of the wood at the last ogre.
Betty moves toward the source of the arrows in the woods, sees a group of barbarian elves crouched in the undergrowth, shouts “why are you shooting at us?”
The elves reply, “Because there's still an ogre standing.”
The charmed ogre turns and starts moving towards Salacious.
Etila slings and kills last ogre.
Falco approaches the elves, speaks to them in Elvish, asks about the hobgoblin army. The elves say it was probably going to Quail Valley, to retake the keep there. Falco asks about the ghouls, but the elves know nothing about them. He also asks about the smell of carrion, and the elves say that comes from the Bone Garden. Syas that there are woodcutters deep in the forest, and they have also lost children, and suggests Falco ask the druid, Diatha Engai. The elf's name is Sho-Ja. Falco thanks the leves for their help and the information.
The ogres had a great club each, a huge short bow each, 133 arrows, and a sack of gold, with a total of 539gp.
Trekking through the forest, lightning strikes a tree and a branch falls but misses everyone in the group.
Trekking through the forest, the group comes across a party of 10 humans who are now breaking camp and getting ready to move on. They said they were in the forest for furs, came from a woodcutting village deeper in the forest, called Zerathane, and have no missing children.
Trekking through the forest, Morgaine sees a very rare plant, attempts to take a sample and gets attacked by a shambling mound. Melée ensues.
Falco attacks and hits.
Betty attacks and hits.
Bob attacks and kills it.
The group searches the site but no treasure is found. Morgaine retrieves the rare plant.
Trekking through the jungle, Bob barely misses falling into an old spiked pit trap.
The group is approached by 7 creatures. Falco attempts a greeting. They are dire wolves, and might be the druids' allies. The dire wolves move aside and line a path forward through the forest. A druid steps out of a tree and names himself as Diatha Engai, invites the group to his home.
There is a young woman sitting by the fire, wrapped in quilts, singing softly to herself. While Galen stays in the doorway, everyone else steps inside the house. It is built into the side of a hill, furnished with handmade chairs and table, woven rugs and animal pelts. The druid offers water, vegetables from the garden, tea, and stew. Diatha has seen foreign bandits in the woods, establishes that the “woodcutters” looking for furs were probably these bandits, and that there is no village named Zerathane. Diatha suggests the group investigate these bandits and their encampment on the banks of the river. Diatha extends an invitation to the group to spend the night. Falco asks about the Bone Garden, and Diatha knows nothing about it.
Salacious discreetly performs DETECT EVIL on the druid and the young woman, and finds nothing. The young woman is called Katcha, apparently 20 yrs old, playing with a corn husk doll. Diatha says she is his niece and ward – and that she is someone with great gifts. Falco checks out the grounds – sees a stable, a pond, a kennel (with huge mastiffs), a vegetable garden and an aviary. Night passes without incident.
The next morning, Salacious calls Dobbin. The group is trekking through the forest, and comes to a cave guarded by two members of the “woodcutters” previously encountered, carrying shortswords, daggers and war-axes. As the group approaches, two more guards come to the entrance. Falco states “we will search the caves, and the druid wants you out.” Melée ensues.
Passion attacks with Dave and kills one of the guards.
Falco attacks with non-lethal damage and knocks one of the guards unconscious.
Bob attacks and kills the remaining guards.
Betty enters the cave and two more bandits throw daggers at Betty. Betty yells at them, “cease and desist!”
Morgaine shoots and hits.
Etila shoots and kills one.
Patrin shoots and kills one.
Galen moves into the cave and shouts “submit or die!” 4 bandits attack.
Thoon waits to interrogate the unconscious bandit.
Passion flies furthur into the cave, looking very carefully for suspicious rocks, starts singing.
Falco can't get any deeper into the cave as Galen in his bear form is clogging the way.
Bob attacks and misses.
Bandits attack and all 4 miss.
Betty attacks, kills one, CLEAVES and kills the next one.
Morgaine flies deeper into the cave, shoots and hits.
Etila slings and misses.
Patrin moves into the cave.
Salacious asks Dobbin to guard the unconscious bandit as Salacious moves deeper into the cave, attacks and misses.
Galen extends the light source, attacks the two remaining bandits, hits and kills one, misses the other.
Thoon moves to the entrance of the cave.
Nella finishes binding and gagging the captive, moves into the cave.
Passion Casts DANCE on remaining bandit.
Falco attacks and hits.
Bob attacks, hits unconscious.
Nella binds and gags second captive.
Each bandit carries a battleaxe, rations, chain mail, with a total of 220sp. The leader has a great axe, chain mail, 12 arrows and a longbow, and a pouch that holds three moonstones (value 20gp each) and two shriveled, severed human ears.
Falco buys the moonstones from the group. The latest funds are then divided up and each member of the group gets 100gp, with Falco taking 99gp.
The caves are shallow and empty, with no sign of recent activity. The captives are then interrogated. Nella heals the leader to consciousness, and Galen asks what he knows about the Bone Garden, the missing children and townspeople, and how long the bandits have been in the caves. The leader relates that there are no other bandits in the area. Passion finds the shinies she gave the “warriors” on the road into Leafton. Galen asks where the shriveled ears came from? The leader says that they came from two people traveling outside Hawkmoon – his fiancée and her lover. Galen knocks the leader unconscious again. Nella wakes the second captive, and Glaen asks the same questions. The bandit knows nothing of the Bone Garden except that it is not a good place, the bandit group has been in the caves a couple of weeks at most, suggests there is another bandit group, acknowledges his crimes. Also says that there are undead in the southern part of the forest by the river. The captives are released, with Thoon implanting a suggestion that they o to Hawkmoon and give themselves up for their crimes. One goes off towards Hawkmoon, the other runs into the forest.
Southeast is the river. Trekking through the forest single file,beautiful music is heard. Dobbin and Patrin succumb to the spellsong and start moving away from the group. Nella casts BREAK CHARM and succeeds, and the group moves as a whole towards the singing, finds a harpy 15' up in a tree. Melée ensues.
The entire group moves up closer to the tree.
Dobbin and Patrin fall under the spell of the song again.
Nella rolls SPOT, sees two harpies in two different trees, casts SEARING LIGHT at the harpy singing, hits.
Galen casts RIGHTEOUS MIGHT and increases his size to giant, moves forward, moving with difficulty as he pushes down trees in his way.
Bob shoots and kills singing harpy and spellsong stops. Patrin and Dobbin are no longer enspelled.
Patrin and Salacious move forward. Salacious fails SPOT, doesn't see second harpy.
Thoon moves forward, rolls SPOT and sees second harpy, which starts singing.
Etila moves forward, casts SEARING LIGHT, hits.
Dobbin and Bob both fail ENCHANTMENT and are enspelled.
The harpy takes flight, attacks Patrin and hits.
Dobbin moves closer to harpy (lovely honeyed oats, beautiful sweet hay).
Nella attacks, fumbles, and misses.
Galen casts BLOODWIND, crit hits and smears the harpy, not even feathers left.
Searching the nest, 800gp and a vial of CAT'S GRACE and BLUR are found. 100Gp to each party member and to party fund. Party fund holds potions.
Trekking through the forest, something hits Galen from behind. Melée ensues.
Patrin sidesteps, shoots and fumbles, is sickened for one round, shoots again and hits.
Etila sidesteps, attacks, misses, and attacks again to hit.
Nella casts SEARING LIGHT and kills.
Patrin identifies the body as a green hag.
Searching the body, there is 400gp, 4 pieces of polished malachite (value 10gp each), a scroll of ANIMAL WISDOM and a potion of OWL'S WISDOM.
Trekking through the forest, everyone succeeds SPOT check to see a shambling mound.
Bob attacks, hits with an AOO. Melee ensues.
Thoon moves forward and attacks, misses.
Etila attacks, hits, attacks again and misses.
Bob atacks, misses, attacks again and misses.
Dobbin attacks, and misses.
Galen attacks and hits.
Patrin attacks and hits.
Nella moves forward, the shambling mound takes AOO and hits.
Salacious moves forward and attacks, misses.
Shamblingmound attacks Bob, hits, starts to grapple.
Thoon attacks and misses.
Etila attacks, misses, attacks again, and misses.
Bob attacks, and kills it.
Searching the plant, 50gp are found.
Trekking through the forest, beautiful music is heard. Patrin is enspelled and moves at high speed through the forest towards the singing. Melée ensues.
Bob, Galen. Etila, and Salacious go chasing after Patrin.
Patrin, moving at high speed, comes up to the harpy, and the harpy attacks and hits.
Dobbin, Thoon and Nella move towards Patrin and the harpy.
Bob comes closer, sees the harpy and shoots.
Salacious, Galen and Etila all move closer.
Patrin is attacked by the harpy three times and it misses each time.
Dobbin, Thoon and Nela alll move closer.
Bob shoots and hits twice, kills the harpy and the song stops. Patrin is no longer enchanted.
Searching the nest, 400gp is found and placed in party fund.
Trekking through the forest, the group sees the party of barbarian elves, says greetings to them, and keeps moving.
Trekking through the forest, Nella and Etila see a group of dire wolves, wave hallo.
Trekking through the forest, Etila, Nella, Bob, and Galen all see two brown wyverns in the sky, flying towards the group. Melée ensues.
Etila casts DIVINE FAVOUR.
Bob shoots, hits.
Nella casts RECITATION +2 hit/AC/SAVE on group.
Salacious is surprised.
Galen casts SUDDEN WIDENED ENERGY VORTEX, hits with sonic damage.
Wyverns dive bomb the group. One attacks Galen, misses. The other attacks Bob, hits.
Patrin and Dobbin are both surprised.
Etila attacks, hits, attacks again and misses.
Bob attacks, kills one of the wyverns, and pulls his bow out.
Thoon attacks, hits, attackks with three tentacles and hits, kills the second wyvern.
Searching the bodies, no treasure is found, but the venom sacs are removed and Patrin skins them both.
Trekking the forest, beautiful music is heard once again. Dobbin and Bob are both enspelled. Melee ensues.
Salacious is riding Dobbin and is carried closer to the harpy, sees it in its tree, and shoots, hits twice.
Bob, Etila and Dobbin all move closer.
Patrin moves closer, sees the harpy and shoots, hits.
Galen and Nella both move closer.
Salacious shoots and hits.
Bob moves right up to the harpy.
Etila moves closer but still doesn't see the harpy.
Dobbin moves right up to the tree, looks up adoringly at the harpy.
Thoon delays action.
Patrin shoots and kills harpy.
Searching the nest, 300gp, a potion of HIDE FROM UNDEAD, and a scroll of ENDURE ELEMENTS/CALM ANIMALS/MAGIC STONES are found, placed into party funds.
Trekking through the forest, the group makes its way back to the abandoned sawmill it passed earlier today. A wagon with two horses hitched to it stands in the clearing. The mill wheel is unmoving, rotted through. It is now pouring with rain.
The group moves into the clearing and approaches the mill's oaken door. Salacious casts BLESS on the group. Dobbin stands next to the horses, to protect them. Galen casts DIVINE POWER, tries to smack down the door and fails. Nella casts ALIGNED GOOD on Salacious' sword.
16 ghouls rise from the ground and spill from the wagon. Melée ensues.
The ghouls get AOO:
Galen – missed;
Thoon – missed;
Patrin – one missed, another hit three times, and Patrin is paralysed for 5 rounds;
Nella is hit;
Dobbin – one misses, another hits, and Dobbin is paralysed for 9 rounds;
Etila – missed.
Etila invokes TURN UNDEAD, and three ghouls are ashes.
Salacious invokes TURN UNDEAD and 6 ghouls are ashes.
Nella invokes TURN UNDEAD and the remaining 5 ghouls are ashes.
Bob checks the wagon – it seems to be empty.
Thoon is readying an action.
Galen tries the door again, hits it four times and still fails to break it down.
A fireball hits Galen and splashes on everyone except Bob by the wagon.
Etila moves away from door and splash zone.
Patrin continues to be paralysed, as is Dobbin.
Salacious dismisses Dobbin, and then LAYS HANDS on Galen and heals.
Nella LAYS HANDS on Patrin, heals light wounds and paralysis.
Bob whacks the wagon floor to see if there is a false bottom and there isn't.
Thoon moves next to Galen and attacks door, but it still doesn't open.
A lightning bolt hits Nella and Galen and does major damage to them both.
Etila delays.
Patrin sees nothing behind the group, shoots at the door but fails in damage.
Salacious invokes DETECT EVIL directly at the edge of the forest , where the attacks seem to be coming from, but nothing is seen.
Bob jumps out of the wagon, looks underneath and sees a person there, throwing the fireballs and lightning bolts. Bob attacks, hits for major damage.
Thoon falls prone and casts MIND BLAST, stuns the person for 12 rounds.
Galen hits the door again, and finally breaks it down. There is a room with a large circular saw in the middle, and by the size of the fixtures, the sawyer was probably a halfling. There is a spiral staircase leading down. And the 16 ghouls on the other side of the door have an AOO.
A fireball lands between Galen and Bob, splashes onto everyone except Etila, and kills the magic-user hidden under the wagon.
Etila invokes TURN UNDEAD and 6 ghouls are ashes.
Patrin shoots at magic user in the room and hits.
Salacious shoots at the magic user in the room twice, and hits both times.
Nella steps through the door and invokes TURN UNDEAD, and the remaining 10 ghouls are all ashes.
Bob shoots at the magic user and hits, and the magic user falls behind the circular saw.
Thoon stands, moves into the room next to Nella.
Galen moves next to saw table and sees magic user lying down.
Etila moves closer to the door.
Patrin and Salacious move into the room.
Nella casts CURE CRITICAL WOUNDS on himself.
Bob jumps onto saw table to look at magic user.
Thoon moves into the room.
Galen moves behind the saw table and kills the magic user.
Still to do: search bodies of magic users.

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