Game Recap - June 21st

Burl's 3.5 D&D game... For the glory of Solanus Arden! (also featuring Falco)
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Game Recap - June 21st

Postby jtouchette » Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:09 am

Lost City of Barakus (AD&D 3.5)(6/21/2014)

The trek to the Rubicon valley across the frozen killing zone continues to take its toll on Falco and friends. Hear now the latest of the sad tail of woe. The travels were all bed down for the night only to be disturbed by a pack of dir rats. These were easily dealt with in short order. All day the group was plagued with various marauding inhabitants of the frosty wild which included wolves, polar bears, frost giants and frost worms. Belmara manages to re-animate a worm and a frost giant to add allies to the group. The next night a cry for help was heard as dir rats nearly wiped out another group. The lone survivor Jane joined Falco and friends. The next day new type of worm attacked. It didn’t eat anyone as the group managed to confuse and kill it. However there was still and very deadly surprise. This worm exploded when it died, killing Jane and Zee Cat; Falco and Nessria would have likely died as well had they not succeeded in a fairly difficult reflex save to avoid additional injury; Nella and Malevir were able to barely survive the damage. The explosion inflected cold and impaling injury from ice shards for a hundred feet on all directions. Nella was able to bring Zee Cat back using the last of the available diamond dust to do so. Much discussion followed about how to survive this type of creature. Its full fighting capabilities are not yet known and it is a killer. The group resources

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