Game Recap - June 5th

Burl's 3.5 D&D game... For the glory of Solanus Arden! (also featuring Falco)
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Game Recap - June 5th

Postby jtouchette » Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:54 am

Lost City of Barakus (AD&D 3.5)
As Falco’s freezing flock began to wonder if perhaps the pursuit the frost giants was a feverous folly, they stumbled onto the location of a ghastly seen at the Black Library. A number of the monks lay on the ground, slain by a yet undetermined despicable cowardly foes. To murder librarians is a foul crime indeed. Proceeding inside with equal zest for vengeance and booty, the place is swarmed and fiendish goblins foes found inside are hunted down among the rows dusty tomes. It is such a relief to fight in the warmth against enemies that are not likely to swallow you whole. Once that is sorted a bit of investigation is done, it seems these goblins where here to gather information on a certain deity. After a brief pause, during which music for a British comedy should be heard, an unspoken decision was made along the lines of…”right then, back to what we were doing…”

It is decided to return to our original destination, leaving the remaining monks to fend for themselves among the goblin and frost giant infested lands. Before Falco’s freezing flock departs they are joined by Rixion who felt hir task at the library was complete. Back in the snow the usual collection of hungry wild beasts attempt to have their way with the travelers, large ice bears, winter wolves and two more worms. The worms prove most challenging with their habit of swallowing food(party members) while whole and alive. Sadly Rixion found out that this is a dangerous group to hang out with, as Zie died after filling the role of worm food during the battle. A scroll was used to bring Rixion back.

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